Thursday, May 10, 2018


Take my word for it; if you ever travels close to this area, pay Zhangjiajie a visit, it is fantastic!

Sure, I had some issues with the weather, but at least the queues were short. =)

If you visit this place in peak-season the queues are said to be hours long in certain places (like the Bailong Elevator and probably the glass bridge).

If you intend to visit the same places I did, I advise you to stay in Zhangjiajie instead and take a one-day trip to Wulingyuan.
Independant on where you stay, try to get there early to make the Bailong Elevator when it opens (which was 7:00 am when I was there).
Note that you need to take a bus inside the entrance to get to the elevator. It takes about 15 minutes and is free of charge.

But of course, as you seen in my pictures; if it's cloudy you will see nothing - so consider doing something else before lunch and go up in the mountains in the afternoon.
Sure the queues will be longer, but at least you get to see the view. No use getting there quick if you only see clouds.

So check the weather and then decide in where to start the day.

A note for the glass bridge: if you have the time, make sure you get the ticket for the valley as well!
It was by far the best experience on my first day.

Until next time!

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