Sunday, May 03, 2015

Friday May 1st 2015

After a great breakfast at the hotel, it was time for a bus trip to Mdina, the old capital of Malta.

We had decided to use the local buses instead of a tourist-sightseeing bus because it actually seemed easier - and much cheaper.

The bus went through the town Mosta on the way and we got off and went to the cathedral there:

Apparently it's the third largest dome in Europe (and ninth in the world).

Here is how it looked inside: 

After this, we jumped on the next bus and headed for Mdina.

The TV-series 'Game of Thrones' is partly filmed on Malta and Mdina is used many times, like the entry to the city:

We walked around in this honey coloured old city and got lunch at a restaurant there.

Mdina is on a small hill and the view was very nice. You could basically see most of the island from up here.

We checked out a museum called "The Knights of Malta" which was a pretty OK exhibition, although it's focus was on the time between the Turkish siege of Malta to the French taking over the island.
I would have liked to see more about the forming of the Knights on Malta.

After Mdina, we ended up in Valetta (again). The plan was to see Malta's 100-ton cannon, one of two existing (remember the other cannon from my visit in Gibraltar?? :)
Unfortunately the bus never came and we didn't want to wait one hour for the next. Maybe tomorrow instead!

So instead we got back to San Julien and the hotel.
The dinner that night was at the Waterbiscuit - the very nice hotel restaurant.

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