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Thursday April 30th 2015

Moments of Malta

When I was around 13, I wrote a paper on Malta in school. Since then I have always wanted to go there.
Now it is time!

[Note: I did not write this blog when I was on vacation due to the time it takes - instead I wrote it all the days after I came home]

For this trip I am also bringing a friend, Marie-Louise. We both needed some sun and decided for this destination.

We took a direct flight from Gothenburg and landed on Malta in the early afternoon.

A cab ride later we were at our hotel; the InterContinental Malta in San Julien. A very fine hotel by the looks of it!

My room (1103 - forgot to take a picture of it!!) had this view:

But no time to rest - time to explore Malta!

We walked along the coast line south towards Valetta to find a restaurant.

This was part of the view during the walk:

We eventually found somewhere to eat (I had pasta and some local beer; Cisk).

Then we walked on towards Valetta - the fortified capital of Malta:

It was a nice little town, almost completely made by honey-coloured limestone (that all buildings are made of on Malta).
Like this one:

I also found the Bridge Bar - made famous in the Amazing Race season 25! :)

Apparently there is a fireworks contest here this weekend - so the evening ended in watching some fireworks!
(well, we watched one team - then got bored and decided to return to the hotel and get some sleep)

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