Monday, September 07, 2015

A South American Summery

Wow, what a trip this was!
It was my most hectic vacation; I did eight countries, 11 flights and experienced a lot - in just 11 days.
But boy, was it fun! :)

I was almost surprised (but very happy for it) that our time plan actually worked. Despite all the flights, taxis, tours and trains - we didn't miss a single one and no major delays. Yay!

I think we choose a good time of the year for this trip; however it was colder than expected - especially Chile.
After that country it did get warmer, like Rio which was really warm.

Chile also surprised me a bit with the prices; it was about the same as in Sweden. The other countries was a little cheaper, but still.

Our strategy of ending the trip with a few high class hotels was very solid.
It energized us to continue for the last few days even though we were exhausted - and it also gave us that good feeling about the trip when returning home.

I did check of several things on an imaginary todo-list on this trip which was very nice, like visit four new countries, took a swim by an island in the Pacific ocean, took a swim in the Atlantic, saw the night sky from the southern hemisphere, drank caipirinha in Rio, visited Copacabana, some new Bond locations, two Wonders of the world (+ one nominee!), visited the Titicaca lake and so on...

Additional important message: South Americans do not know how to make French Fries.

Counting the money for this trip can always be interesting to some.
The flights was of course the big expense on this trip, it ended at about 35000 SEK.
The total cost for the this trip was 48000 SEK.
Expensive for sure, but we did get a lot of things done during this time.

Advised by Henrik, I did not calculate how much of this trip we spent at airports and in the air.
It's probably best not to do it.

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Henke said...

Thank you Patrik for the company on this crazy trip. It was an idea that I felt was very farfetched the first time it came up, but we actually did it!

For me it was an opportunity to check off a number of things myself. Most of the ones you mention. The top three for me was visiting South America, travelling to an island in the Pacific Ocean (and take a swim in the ocean) and joining Patrik on a Bond location scouting.

The time schedule was very compressed due to fixed departure and arrival dates. I think it would have been better if we could have had a couple of more days but such is life. My take away is however that travelling all days (almost) was too much, even for us. To stay at least two days at a majority of the places one visits seems to be a better “rule”. Another lesson for me was that the high altitude got to me more than expected. We came air dropped into La Paz directly from sea level. It was too rough. Most I know have went there slower, by buses or other ways to gradually acclimate yourself to the altitude.

The cost of the complete trip was lower than I thought! As the plane tickets is was it is I think we came away rather ok with all the other costs. Maybe it is only a result of the fact that we didn’t have time to spend lots of monies on our stops…

Again, thanks for the company, and let’s do a trip again soon!