Saturday, September 19, 2015

Monday September 7th 2015

A South American Tale

This trip took a while to decide where to go - and even more time how to do it.

I knew I had 11,5 days and a few possible target zones. I decided to go with my good friend Henrik again (known from Mexico!) and together we decided for South America.
We then made a list of what we wanted to see - and removed just enough of stuff to make the time limit.

This, my friends, is the result. It will be a trip filled with flights (and waiting at airport terminal), because this continent is huge! Plus hopefully some interesting places.

I might not have time/wi-fi to blog everyday as it happen, but eventually all days will find their way to the web.

Today was all about travel - and I am not even halfway there. My first stop was at London Heathrow where I by some very strange rookie mistake read my boarding pass wrong and only got to my gate 25 minutes late.

Fortunately I there discovered the flight was one hour late so I made it. But this trip could have started with a disaster.

After about two hours+ in the air, I landed in Madrid. This is where I will spend six hours - and get together with Henrik who is arriving directly from Stockholm.
We are about to board the flight to Santiago, Chile from here.
It leaves at 23:55 - so this day is over even before we cross the Atlantic ocean.

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Henke said...

I made it to Madrid with no confusion about boarding time, but at the Madrid airport I made a rookie mistake of my own and lost my apartment key! I think I forgot to recover it when I passed the security check... This was a streesful way to start the 2 weeks vacation but fortunalety I have a habit to keep a spare key at my friends house and there was no problem in the end. I just fetched the key on my way home from the airport in the end of the trip. Close call though...

The day ended with us looking into 13,5 hours flight right through the night, and all the time zones. We'll "come out" from the trip at 8 AM i Santiago, Chile, almost on the other side of the world, it feels like...