Friday, September 11, 2015

Tuesday September 15th

I had a major problem sleeping tonight. I am bitten by those damn Machu Picchu bugs all over my arms and legs. I have about 40-50 bites - and they all itch as hell. (use better bug repellent, kids!)

One of my legs:

Just after 9 we got up and fixed most of our luggage and went down to a lovely breakfast. Today is another travelling day.

We checked out at 10, left our luggage at the hotel and took a stroll around Cusco (well, a few blocks close to the hotel anyway).

We encountered a demonstration that was against something. We didn't look too closely.

Then we went back to the hotel to treat ourself, we do have a few hours finally - and apparently this is suppose to be a vacation!

I also talked to the hotel's nurse and she treated my bug bites (didn't really work though). :(

We went to the spa to relax for a while and then we just chilled until the taxi came to take us to the airport.

When we checked in our luggage, the guy there told us to remove all valuables from our bags, because of possible thieves (wtf?!?!). So we did.

At 16:45 our plane left for an hour ride to Lima, where we waiting for our next flight and at 21:40 we departed Lima for our five hour fight to Rio de Janeiro - our final stop before we go home.


Henke said...

Damn, I love 5-star hotels. We had a great breakfast where I had one of the best omelets I ever have had. I remember that one of the many many service people cleaned the omelet away before I was done with it. That was a little bit disappointing.

In the hotel they had a nurse that helped Patrik with his bug bites on the legs. The funny thing about that was the extremely rude elderly Indian couple that engaged us in conversation while waiting. They were complaining about everything. Quite amusing actually.

After a short walk where we almost got engaged politically we returned to the hotel for some time in the spa. They had a pool, sauna with dry heat, sauna with mist, and some very nice relaxation chairs. I almost felt it, briefly… is this actually a vacation? 

After a while we were done, you know, the travel bug goes deep. Keep on going. Push forward younglings! Onwards towards a new country and one of the great cities in the world. Rio.

Henke said...

Also, as you mentioned the guy at check in informed us about the risk of thieves. I secured my camera from the checked in bag, but I forgot to remove the envelope with all the Brazilian money. And as warned, I most of the cash was stolen. They were a little sneaky taking only 90% of the cash as to make me unsure... That was not a nice experience, but I'll survive. God dammit, I will prevail!