Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Thursday September 17th

After a very nice breakfast at this great hotel, we went down to the beach for an hour to get the last of this vacation before it had to end.

Heading back to the hotel, packed our stuff - and onto the airport.

At 16:10 our 11 hour flight back to Europe began.

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Henke said...

The hotel was very nice indeed. I slept like a baby in the bed. The breakfast was as expected very nice also. Down at the beach for the last time I succeeded to forget my arm outside the shade from the sun umbrella. I was very red on the arm when coming back home. Funny.

The transit to the airport was uneventful but at the very, very small airport we couldn’t find any of those big coin collectors for children in need. We wanted to dump all our remaining local money but couldn’t find any. Wasted opportunity. We were going with Air France to Paris, the same route as Air France 447 that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on June 1 2009. This time the plane made it.