Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tuesday March 5th 2019

Waking up, we had already agreed that this hotel was better than the Prima in Jerusalem. Better room, better beds (two separate ones!) and better service.

We went down for some breakfast and discussed our final day in Israel.

My flight would leave at 16:00 (to Gothenburg via Brussels) and Henrik's flight to Stockholm several hours later.

We decided to start with taking a stroll down to the beach (too cold to take a swim).

Then to be at the hotel to relax, before I had to leave for the airport (30 minutes to the airport + be there 3 hours before the flight was to leave).

But of course, while sitting in the hotel, I got a call telling me my flight was half an hour delayed which meant I would miss my connection in Brussels.
However, if I came to their check-in station they would try to solve it by putting me on another flight home.

Saying goodbye to Henrik, I left for the airport (a smooth ride for once!), payed the 170 ISL to the driver and went to the check-in.

They managed to get me on a Lufthansa flight via Frankfurt.
I would be arriving at home one hour later than expected, but at least I would be landing there today.

Feeling fairly OK with the change, I went through the multiple check-in and security stations before I finally got to the gate.

The flight was uneventful and I got home to my apartment at 01:00.

Home at last!

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Henke said...

As the last day was the travelling day, the travel bug hit as usual. It is soo much nicer to travel outbound. When it's time to go home, I just want it to be over with!

After a tearful goodbye to Patrik I rested a few hours in the business lounge at the hotel, writing blog posts for my film blog!

Finally it was time to go to the airport. The taxi ride was hysterical with delays due to a stoppage on the freeway through Tel Aviv. The driver found smaller roads through the city, together with all the other cars in the area, and was at the same time smoking, screaming into his phone as well as wathcing tv on a phone on the panel in his car!

The driver wanted to discuss the fixed price due to the delays, I declined, but eventually of course gave him something extra for the extended time. When I arrived to the airport I had still time, the 3 hours "buffer" became useful, but also my flight to Stockholm was delayed. I checked into a lounge and took an arm chair large as a small sofa and awaited the boarding. Arrived home very late but was back in my apartment before 2am at least.

Thank you Patrik for yet another great trip. Two new countries to "check ofF" as well as one of the New Wonders! Until next time, ta ta.