Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday April 26th

Meh! I was so tired this morning. I didn't want to get up at all.
But what does that matter when there are things to see - and no people to do!

After a poor breakfast at my hotel, I went to Camden to buy some boots. I buy all my boots here, at the British Boot Company, so also this time. I found two pairs for me (3 & 10 eyes), but none for my daughter, but they recommended me further up the road to another genuine boot store, Office where I found a pair of pink boots to the offspring.

Happy with this good start of the day I continued to Earl's Court. I was looking for a box - and possibly a mad man to go with it.
The box was easy to find; it's just outside the underground station at Earl's Court Road.
Amazing; the TARDIS in the middle of the sidewalk! :)

After this I went to capture my second 21-monument for this trip; the Big Ben.
Seen it a lot of times before, but I might as well take a picture for the bucket list. :)

Then I walked to Tate Britain, but on the way there I happen to see this house:
The actual Thames House (home of MI5). I knew it was here somewhere, but wasn't looking for it. A nice tie-in for the Spooks photo I took yesterday. :)

I did Tate for a while and after that... well nothing useful really. I ended up at a Burger place close to Waterloo and then went to the hotel.

I am not planning to leave this building any more today. Luckily there is a pub just a few floors below.

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