Monday, April 28, 2014

Thursday April 24th

Some Rocks and the Doctor

Finally it's that time again when yours truly heads out for another adventure in the world!
Where to this time you ask?

Well, the Doctor is not a reference to me being ill the last couple of days (and still am - although it's better now).
Then Who? Exactly that!

But the rocks comes first and is the main reason for this whole trip.

At TooEarly o'clock I got up and went to the airport; took a flight to Heathrow and from there a quick jump to London with the Heathrow Express and on a train to Salisbury where I continued on a bus.

Where I am going? To one of the 21's! Stonehenge!

I got off the bus at the Visitor Centre where they have a museum, café - and not surprisingly - a gift shop, but you can not actually see the main attraction from there.
You need to either walk or take a short bus trip to get there.

I've wanted to see Stonehenge for a long time and was excited, but talking to friends who had been here had toned down my expectations a lot.
But this was good, because what I saw topped my (low) expectations - and that's always better than the opposite.  :)

I walked around the rocks, took photos aaaand that's it really.

Even though it's fun to see, there really isn't that much more to do (unless you want to walk the around the countryside).

So I went back to the Visitor centre, took a peek in the museum and headed back to Salisbury.

My plan was to continue on directly, but then I heard that they have a original Magna Carta in the cathedral here (only 4 of 13 left and this is one in best shape of the four). So I looked at it (no photo's allowed in there so follow the link above if you want to see it) and at the outside of the cathedral.

It was a nice a large cathedral and apparently was spared from German raids during WWII because they used it as a landmark to orient themselves when flying over the English countryside...

Then back on the train and continuing to Cardiff, the capital of Wales!
I got here at around seven in the evening and first checked in at my hotel (Radison Blu close to the train station). I got room 312:

But I went out straight away and took a short stroll in the inner city, went passed the Cardiff Castle and then to a pub (The Cottage?) and got some food and a pint.
It wasn't too bad.

Back to the hotel I realized that I brought my old iPhone charger with me (I am going to blame it on me being ill before leaving and didn't noticed it in my fever deliriums I had while packing).
But I'll buy a new one tomorrow so I can charge my phone (and upload the pictures to my computer (and this site).

Now time for bed. Exciting day tomorrow as well!


Henke said...

Did you meet Erik Selvig there? :-)

Sorry to keep you on the eve of the trip!

Halo said...

No, Eric wasn't there. There were no nude guys present at all, me included.

And no problem!