Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mayan Expedition Report

Mexico. Chichen Itza. Cancun. Dolphins.
Time to make a summery of this wonderful trip.

First of all I travelled with a new companion. I didn't think we would have any real problems, but it still went surprisingly well. No problem at all really (thank you Henrik!)

Chichen Itza was the main thing of the trip and it was very nice to see it. I didn't expect it to be a major wow-experience (and it was not), but it was very satisfying to finally see it (and I highly do recommend going there!).

I did however expect me too see more of Mexico in general and Cancun in particular. The bus trip to/from Chichen Itza did put us slightly off the regular tourist track, but that was it really.
We never got to explore Cancun for instance. It's a small regret.

But what kept us from doing so was the magnificent J.W. Marriott Hotel, which must have been the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at (even topping Kempinski in Budapest - there are no oceans in Budapest).
Staying more than expected in this hotel was a good choice still.

Some general thoughts are that pretty much all taxis in Cancun smelled petrol (do they all have a direct line from the gas tank to the passenger seat?) - what's up with that?

Also everything was damp in Cancun. Like the toilet paper.

A good thing about the trip (maybe even the best?  :)   I didn't see one single spider! Huzzah for that! :D

Highlights of the trip was seeing Chichen Itza of course, the dolphin swim - and the hotel pool area (and I am reeeeally not the relaxing-on-vacation-guy). I could even think about going back here - to the same hotel.

As for the cost of the whole trip, the total sum was around 21.000 SEK.
I would say it's fair for a week vacation on another continent including some very luxurious hotel nights.

Stay tuned for my next trip! Which is probably not until late-summer/autumn 2015.

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Henke said...

And thank you, Patrik, for your excellent companionship. It was a very nice and fun vacation.