Friday, November 21, 2014

Sunday November 23th

Another lazy day.

We woke up, went down to the beach for a quick swim. Sat by the pool to dry up - and then went for breakfast.
Then for round two by the beach / hotel area for some more swimming, relaxing by the pool, reading.
I have had worse mornings in my life... :)

Today is game day. Henrik has been looking forward to this the whole trip.
We went to an Outback restaurant to watch some american football and to eat & drink.
Both our teams won today so it turned out pretty good!
(I like american football, Henrik looooves it).

Back to the hotel again, relaxing. We went out to the pools with some ice cream to chill out and listen to the ocean. Very calming.

Tomorrow it's time to go home again. That is the way vacations usually ends.
But I think we will be able to do at least one more swim in the ocean and/or pool! :)

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Henke said...

Yeah, it was a wonderful day.

Ever since the disgusting loss last week I was anxious to see the Broncos get a win back home at Mile High. It was a tough game and a hard fought win. Greatness.