Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wednesday November 19th

Woke up at 6am and could not sleep again. At around 7:30 we went down for breakfast.

After checking out, we went to the bus station to get a bus to Chichen Itza. We got tickets (around 80 SEK/person) to a bus leaving twenty minutes later (10:40). It is still raining, but after leaving Cancun it stopped and was just greyish. No sun at all today.

After a four hour looong bus ride we got to the Chichen Itza bus stop. A taxi ride later we arrived at our stay for the night; The lodge at Chichen Itza.

This place is AMAZING!

They put us and our luggage on a small (golf)car and drove us to our bungalow (called Percival 5B). Oh, and we have a pool just outside.

After a quick swim in the pool, we were talking by the pool when the hotel staff brought us a plate of welcome food & drinks. Good stuff.

At evening we went to a (small) 'Mayan Skies' Planetarium show at the hotel, which...could have been better.

Then it was time for dinner. By the palm trees and pool.
We had some shrimp soup(ish) in a melon as starter and I had some turkey & ground beef in champagne souce. It wasn't too bad. :)

Unfortunatly our bungalow is too far from the main reception to have wifi so right now I am sitting in the bar, writing this (and drinking Pina Colcodas).

Tomorrow it's time for Chichen Itza!

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Henke said...

Small golf cart??? :-)
It was like a limousine version of golf carts with a total of four benches. It was loooong.

The place was amazing. We arrived late afternoon and we had not had lunch. The complimentary afternoon snacks were great.

At the main building at night they had some sort of religious meeting with movie, talks, cheering and God. Catholics.

The planetarium was not so god, and the audio was in German!