Monday, November 24, 2014

Thursday November 20th

Time to do what we are here for; Chichen Itza!

After breakfast at the hotel, we meet up with our guide (Victor!) in the reception.

He took us through the rear entry of Chichen Itza (about 100 meters from our hotel) and showed us the sights.

Among the different temples and ruins we naturally saw the Kukulkan:

We also made some noise and listened to the echos on the field.

We went to the sacret well where the Rain God lives:

Here we have the ball court where the ancient ball game called Pok-A-Tok.
Think you can get the ball through the hop on the side..? You better or your head might come off.

The very old observatory where the Mayan sky watchers roamed:

It was getting warmer and warmer during the tour (I am glad we started early!), but when the sun was peaking, it was time to make it to the bus again and back to Cancun.

After a bus ride where we mostly dozed off, we took a taxi to our next hotel where we will stay until our departure; the JW Marriott hotel.

If our last hotel excelled in a close-to-nature-nice experience, this one seems to excelled all over.
We even get a $50 per night refund to spend at any of the restaurants (including breakfast) here.

It's dark outside now, but the view seems to be great. More picture of it will be delivered tomorrow, but here is a pix of our room (1220):

We had dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel area; Champions. A sports bar where we watched a NFL game. Henrik seemed pleased with the result.

Now bed.

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