Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tuesday November 18th

Mayan Expedition

Time again for some travel and this time I will visit my first "Wonder of the Modern World" since I created that Travel-To-Do-list.
I am heading for Mexico and Chichen Itza.

I took a flight to London Heathrow and met up with my friend Henrik who will join this trip. This is the first time we travel together so this will be interesting.

At Heathrow we took a flight to New York (JFK) where we "only" had two hours to transfer to our next flight. And two hours is short when you are in US so we got an Express Connection Card (first time for both of us! And I got a flash back to the TV series "The Amazing Race"  :)
This gave us a little advantage at the security gate at least.
Then we got on our last flight for today, heading toward Cancun.

We arrived in Mexico at around 22:50 and I did not expect sun at this hour - but we were met by...rain?
This was not included in my plans for a visit to Mexico.   :-/

We took a taxi straight to the hotel; The Courtyard Marriott. We got room 447:

Tomorrow we will head for the Chichen Itza area!

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Henke said...

It was a long flight, 17 hours, but it went better than expected.

I caught three movies on the flights. All for my coming Decades 80's project.