Sunday, November 23, 2014

Friday November 21th

We woke up at 7am and went (almost) straight to a taxi that took us to the pier where we hopped (after a 40 minutes wait) to a boat.

This boat will take us to Isla Mujeres and to the Dolphin Discovery. Yes, we are about to swim with dolphins.

Before going here, we checked out a few of these places in Cancun and Dolphin Discovery felt like they knew their business and took care of the dolphins - and the environment.
Their animals did also not swim in regular pools, but in the ocean inside a wharf.

However the boat ride to the island was more like a youth party boat. Free drinks and party music. Didn't feel totally aligned with our expectations.

Once on the island confusion reigned. Apparently they had overbooked, so we could not go on the planned early dolphin swim.
As compensation they let us do some other swims before a new dolphin time opened up.

We got to swim with sharks (it was less exciting than it sounds, the sharks just lay on the bottom of the pool area - but still SHARKS!), feed and pat manatees and meet/pat a sea lion.

Fun stuff, especially the manatees since we got so close with them.

Then finally; the dolphins. We got in the pool by the ocean and got to meet our dolphins.

After some patting we got to ride with them by holding their fins and got lifted up from the water (and pushing us forward!) by pressing their noses against our feet!

We also got to kiss them. :)

After the dolphins we travelled to another place on the island, called Garrafon. It's a place with different activities, relaxing - and free food and drinks.
We did some zip-lining (first time for us both!) and a short snorkelling (first time for me!).
Zip-lining was fun, but the snorkelling wasn't so rewarding - it wasn't so much to see in the waters here.

The general impression of Garrafon wasn't the best and could have been avoided if we knew.
Then we relaxed by the bar (with not very good-tasting drinks) until the boat came to bring us back to Cancun.

Still the party boat according to the crew. I think it was only two Brazilian guys actually partying and the rest of us was just tired from the long and exciting day and wanted to get home.

However we got back to the hotel at around 7pm to freshen up.

When arriving at our room our lovely maid Alicia had made this for us:
She had also made some arrangement on my bed with a bathrobe and chocolate. Very nice of her.
However there was nothing at Henriks bed. At all.
This was his topic of discussion the rest of the evening. He couldn't stop thinking why he didn't get any attention from her.

For dinner we went to an Owl Restaurant, which was as bad as expected. Afterwards we went to the hotel again, despite numeral suggestions from bouncers from different clubs (and "spas").

And speaking of the hotel, some more pictures!
We live at the 12th floor. The hotel has 13 floors as can be seen on this picture from the elevator:

Here is the view from the balcony.
Sweet, heh?

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