Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gibraltar - Mission Briefing

Time for some reflections on my trip to Gibraltar.

It was an interesting village; so Mediterranean with the weather and ocean, but so British with the pubs, shops and the language. A unusual combination, but it worked OK.
They clearly had a lot of influence from Spain, like right hand traffic and even if they learned English in school, they spoke mostly Spanish to each other.

I wished I had had more time to explore the Rock. It can be done in a day, unless you are like me and wants to see it all - and especially search for Bond-scenes.
But since I am me; two days on the Rock would have been better.

Morocco was also very fun. My guide helped me a lot and for that trouble I surely overpaid him (which I maybe shouldn't have done). But he was nice so good for him.

Do I want to go back? Maybe - I am not sure what to do there if I would go back.
But I liked it and go back for another long-weekend? Why not? But this time I would bring company. :)

And on a money basis; the trip cost me about 16000 SEK.

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