Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vienna Recalling

It's been two weeks since I went to Vienna and it's time to think back and make some kind of summery.

I found Vienna a very nice city. I was surprised that many of the things I went to was slightly better than expected. The Tiergarten was better, The Tech museum was better, the Spanish Riding school was better...
Maybe I just underestimated the city's atttractions before I got there (not that I didn't expect to have a good time - which I definitely had).

Just going there for 3-4 days worked out good. For me at least, there were plenty of time to do the things I wanted.

If you ever travel to Vienna, make sure not to miss the Spanish Riding School, The National Library and the Prater. If you have a spare day, don't miss the Tiergarten.

The price tag on this fun weekend ended at just over 10000 SEK (around 1000 EUR). Absolutely worth it.

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