Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday July 16th

The Iceland Incident

Time to cross over yet another destination on my travel ToDo-list.
The day way finally here to go to Iceland!

This time I have a travel companion; my dear friend, Jörgen. But we have travelled together many times before, so I wasn't too worried. :)

Up early, early (04:00) and head for Landvetter airport an hour later to catch our flight at 06:35.
We get there in time, head through security, get on the plan, no problems. Wonderful!

Then it starts...

First we get a small delay due to air traffic over Norway. Then when we are about to go on the runway, a light starts flashing in the cockpit (I have actually no idea if this is true, but this is how I see it in my head).
Something is not right with the air plane. We get back to the gate. Someone takes a look at our left engine. Then some more people look at it. Finally someone who looks like he knows engines get there.
At this time (about 08:00), they tell us to take our hand luggage and get back to the terminal. They will have more news for us at 09:00. *sigh*

So the waiting game begins.

At nine, we get the "no news now, we will get back to you"-news a few times and at eleven they finally tells us that the engine is broken and needs to be repaired.
A spare part is flown in from Iceland - together with a technician who will do the work. The new departure time is 22:00.

After these news, Jörgen and I starts to plan to minimize the effects of the trip.
We finally decide to get back to our schedule by drive longer than planned during Tuesday and move the Golden Circle attractions to the end of the week (thus tightening and probably removing some stuff we wanted to do in Reykjavik). The details of this is not clear yet.

We also decide to not take the offer from Icelandair to get some rest at a hotel - in Borås.
Instead we head back to our homes and continue to wait there.
Later tonight we will head back to Landvetter. Hopefully with some better luck - and actually get to Iceland.

But who knows...

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