Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saturday July 21st

Second day in Reykjavik.

We went to the Kolaportið flea market and looked inside the Harpa concert hall/conference centre.

Then we... didn't have that much to do so we walked through Reykjavik one, two, three, four, five and maybe even six times. Buying some souvenirs and beer.

Chilling out at the hotel room for a few hours (resting - we are on holiday after all!) and when out for some Icelandic tapas in the evening (where we among other things had Puffin, which wasn't really a great sensation).
We also tasted the local spirit, Brennevin, which was a very undramatic schnapps. Nothing extra really. Somewhere around the Swedish Skåne and O.P. schnapps.

We also went back to Micro bar and we continued where we had ended the draughts yesterday. Then we found a nice little pub called 'Factory' which had good beer and some electronic music.
We didn't stay long though. Need to be somewhat awake tomorrow when we will go to the Blue Lagoon before going home to Sweden again.

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