Sunday, July 15, 2012

Incident Report: Iceland

So it's been a few weeks now I and will try to summarize the Iceland vacation.

It fun, absolutely. I really recommend people to go and visit the small-ish island in the Northern Atlantic.

The common theme of most memorable things we saw & did was the Icelandic nature, with the ever changing landscapes and it's waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, and geysers.
Also riding a Icelandic horse on Iceland was a memory of a lifetime. As were the Blue Lagoon. And eating whale. And the incredibly beautiful Icelandic women (easily among the top 2-3 of the world).

We were there in the summer and it feels like every part of the year changes the landscape a lot. In the winter I can imagine the glaciers being much bigger and during spring time the large, now dry, river deltas will be filled with water.

I believe the set-up we had of the trip worked very well; driving around the island for a few days, looking at the sights & landscapes and the spending the last days in Reykjavik.

If I would have changed anything today, I would have extended the trip by one day and added that on the road. I would have liked to go to Húsavík, one of the best whale spotting places in the world.
I also wouldn't have mind taken an closer look to the nature (the glaciers for example).

But still, I am very satisfied with the trip!
And travelling together with someone instead of alone as I usually do, was also interesting. Some pros, some cons, but overall good. =)

As for the money-side of things; the trip was about 18.000 SEK.

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