Friday, July 20, 2012

Wednesday July 18th

Lots of things to see today so we got up early, ate breakfast and was on the road again before 8am.
We drive west now, in to the island. The scenery changes a bit, but still shift at almost the same rate as the coast side. We get on the highlands, up and down some mountains, but also see vast flat land with pretty much nothing on it. We see (old) lava fields, which felt mushy when walking on it, almost like rubber.

There are also big field of just rocks laying around. It almost looks like the terrain on Mars. Very wierd. Very cool.

Our first stop of the day was when we came to the Mývatn area.
Mývatn (mosquito lake) has a lot of interesting sights; we stopped at some sulfur springs at Námaskarð. It was very interesting to see the liquid boil in the holes in the ground, but Holy Crap on a stick, it really smelled! I was prepared that it would, but this was much, much, much worse than expected. We did understand why they never had a café close to these springs...

After that we checked out a hot spring bath and was debating if we should go in the water or not, but finally decided to wait until the Blue Lagoon, which we will go to on (probably) Sunday.

Then we entered hostile territory; Dimmuborgir 

The landscape was full with strange-looking rock formation left over from some erupsion of sort.

If you ever went here by night I am sure you would see trolls and goblins at every corner. 

We were thinking of going on a whale safari today up at Húsavik, but after a careful look at the time, we decided not to. Hopefully we will have time for it at Reykjavik.
So we drove towards Akureyri again and made a small stop at the waterfall Godafoss, a very nice waterfall, which we tried to get as close to as possible. 

We came pretty close.

Not long after we arrived at our final destination this day; Aukereyri.

Before we even went to the hotel we went to the Aviation Museum and the Motorcycle Museum (well for the last museum, Jörgen went in, I stayed in the car blogging).

We then checked in to our hotel (Guesthouse Akureyri) and walked around in the town.
This is the second largest town in Iceland with a population of about 18.000.
It seemed like a nice place (with a city centre you walk through in a minute or two).
We ate ice cream at a place called Brynja. Really good ice cream, I highly recommend it!

When it was time for dinner we went to Strikið and had some whale meat. It tasted really nice.
If you ever have a chance of eating it; do it!
For dessert, we had their chocolate cake, which was delicious! Also something to try if you get here.

However, for a somewhat high-class restaurant, I question the designer who made the (men's) toilet.
Take a seat - but don't bend to much forward because then your head will end up in the urinal. *fail*

After the food we when to a pub, which served local beer.
We had a few beers from the Keldi brewery. Some were good. Some were ok. None were great.
The pub were also playing reggae music - and there was a guy in the corner trying to impress who-the-hell-knows with his banjo skills. The music wasn't the best part of the pub. Not sure what was, but the overall impression of the place wasn't too bad.

Then we headed for bed. Last day on the road tomorrow.

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