Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday July 22nd

Last day on Iceland.
We got up early to have breakfast, pack and catch a bus at 8:00. We are heading to the Blue Lagoon as a last thing to do here on Iceland.

It was a impressive facility out in the middle of nowhere (between Reykjavik and Keflavik) and the smell from the sulfur was not really an issue at all. Not sure what everyone keeps talking about.
If you want to smell something bad; check out Námaskarð where we were a few days ago!

Unfortunate we didn't have too much time here, only about 1½ hours - of which I had a  60 minute 'Silica salt glow & massage' treatment in the water. The first part, the skin scrub was very pleasant - a pure delight. I lay on a table of sort semi-sunken in the water.
During the second half the masseuse pulled me off the table and  massaged me while I was floating in the water. That way it was a different massage than I regularly have. Not better, just different. I do recommend it, especially the scrub treatment.

It rained slightly when we were here, but it didn't matter too much. The water was warm so you just stayed in there to be warm.
As for my massage, I always had (water-)warm towel on the parts she did not massage so I had hardly noticed it. :)

Then I had less then 20 minutes to get back from the spa part of the lagoon, shower, get dressed and catch the bus to Keflavik, but I made it in time.
At Keflavik we bought some normal tax-free stuff (including things from the Blue Lagoon shop) and got on the plane. This time we had no problems at take-off.
This return trip was via Copenhagen to Gothenburg. We landed at Landvetter at around 22:00 and soon after I was home again after a really great trip.
Now time to pack up - and go to bed.

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