Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Bondian Summery

It was amazing.
It was fun.
It was overwhelming.
It was beautiful.
It was amazing (did I mention this?).

My travels are usually pretty good - but this was one of the best (so far =)

It started out as a pure James Bond-trip, but a lot of other things got into the mix as well.
The most memorable being of course Schilthorn/Piz Gloria, the amazing performance at Bregenz Seebühne - and perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever been to; Lauterbrunnental.

As for the Bondian stuff; I have "always" wanted to go to Schilthorn - and finally I did.
Getting to Bregenz was a fun diversion (but a no-brainer when I realized it wasn't that much a detour).

But I did have some considerations before making this trip; should I really do it in the summer?
Bond was there in the winter! Everything should be more "authentic" with snow around! And I could get some skiing going, which is always fun!
Afterwards, I think I can say I did the right thing. The Alps are beautiful in the winter; but wow - it's more so in the summer.
Another concern was where to stay to have the best access to the things on my ToDo-list. Again, Lauterbrunnen proved being the perfect choice (which was mostly luck and less planning).
The other villages I considered would have meant more travelling to see it all. Lauterbrunnen was smack in the middle of it. And it was a very nice village too! :)

So... what should you see if you ever get here?
Well, if you like Bond, Schilthorn is a must. If you are a crazed fan like me, the place where Bond tried to call London is the least you should do (it's on the other side of the road from Hotel Staubach in Lauterbrunnen).
Non-Bondrelated stuff I recommend here is of course Jungfraujoch. The train ride, the view (or so I am told...) and the Eispalats was really worth the trip up there.
Also you should check out the Trümmelbachfälle.

So what did all this cost?
About 16,500 SEK (around 1800 EUR).
I must say, although not cheap, it was slightly less than expected - considering I was on a fancy opera and did a lot of train travelling back and forth during my six days abroad.

Oh, and did I mention that Lauterbrunnental was beautiful and you should go there?
You really should.

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