Thursday, August 08, 2013

Monday August 5th

Today I am a very happy man. After a long day of travelling, I got to see more Bond locations than expected this first day in Lauterbrunnen.

But let's start from the beginning. I left Bregenz slightly before 9:00. I had a very busy day using nine different trains and buses to reach my destination in Switzerland.

The main reason for this complicated route was that I wanted to tick off a country I haven't been to; Liechtenstein.
The country was actually larger than expected - and very beautiful surrounded by mountains.

I walked around a bit in the capital; Vaduz, before continuing.

After more buses and trains I arrived at Lauterbrunnen at around 16:00.

The kiosk as seen in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service':

And I found more sightings when looking around the station!

This made me very happy!! (but wait - there's more [soon]!)

Leaving the station in euphoria for my hotel; Hotel Sch├╝tzen, I got a surprise when I got there. This sign was outside the hotel:

Why the heck does my hotel have a sign from the Swedish Ice hockey committee?
The girl in the front desk didn't know, so I'll ask the manager tomorrow.

Rest for a few minutes, then out to eat something - while trying to sort out what I'll do the upcoming days here.

After the food I had some time to look at Lauterbrunnen. I also decided to get closer to one of the waterfalls they have around here; the Staubbachfall (apparently the highest free-falling waterfall in Europe - 297 m).
But before I got there I saw this part of the road:

It felt familiar (doesn't it!?!?) and - oh, yes - 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' strikes again:

This made me look around more closely - and behold; the Bond locations are EVERYWHERE!

After all the photographing was done I actually had to take a minute (or ten) to let it all sink in. I was on classic James Bond territory! :)

Then I continued to Staubbachfall and it was big. Very nice to see.
I then returned to the hotel and three minutes after I got there, this very hot day changed to heavy rain and hailstorm.
Glad I'm not going out more today! :)

This has been a very exciting day. And tomorrow won't be any less - it's time to visit the Bond location; Schilthorn aka Piz Gloria (if the weather works with me...).
I have wanted to go there for like... EVAR!

Until then - ta!

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