Thursday, December 05, 2013

Sunday December 8th

Still in Hong Kong International Airport and I took the flight to Amsterdam at 0:20.

It was long, but endurable (they really have a lot of films on these Cathay flights!).
At Shiphol I didn't have that much time so I went almost straight to the gate to catch my last flight of the day; home to Gothenburg.

During this flight it occurred to me that, even though I never thought about it when booking, I had lucked out on the airlines on this trip; BA, Cathay, Dragonair and now KLM. All great airlines in my book.

So of course my luck changed when we landed (in a snowy Gothenburg); my luggage was not on board.  :-/
I was told that it was found, it was in Amsterdam and would arrive with the next KLM flight from Shiphol.

OK, some nuisance, but I would still have it before 19:00 tonight.

Well, it's passed that now and it's still not here. :(

Anyway, not really that much I needed the bag, but it's annoying.
However the trip itself was great. My speed trip was a success. I might do this again someday. :)

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