Sunday, December 08, 2013

Thursday December 5th

Landed at Hong Kong International Airport at around 13:00 (local time). Just looking at the city skyline and mountains from the plane and airport made me excited. I will be back here some day to explore!
The airport also appealed to me. One of the nicer I've been to. :)

Next flight left at 14:50 (Dragonair) and came to Siem Reap about three hours later. Finally here!
It wasn't as hot as I thought, but it will probably be different tomorrow during day time.

I had arranged a pick up and thus got driven to Saem Siemriep Hotel, which is the hotel I am staying at.

I got room 204, which looked like this:

and had a view overlooking the pool:
I had ordered a massage when I got to the hotel; I had just time to take a quick shower before.

The massage was very nice, the one I ordered was similar to a Swedish massage. One difference from home was that she sometimes sat on the table/me to massage. I guess she could reach better that way?
And it was a very nice way of ending a 24-hour travel with most of that time spent in airplanes.

Then it was time for a late dinner. I didn't feel like going to a restaurant in town (it's late, dark and the air is very humid) so I ate at the hotel restaurant. I had some Cambodian chicken/rice meal. And some white rice/black rice thing for dessert.
And I drank two different local beers; 'Cambodian Draft' and 'Angkor'. Normal lagers, tasted German. They were OK for this weather.

Something that I noticed early on here is that there are plenty of people working (ie hanging around you). Nice when you need their attention, but a bit stressful when you are not.

Now time to sleep. Up early tomorrow for an extensive (and probably exhausting day) at the temples.

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