Monday, December 09, 2013

Wednesday December 4th

Cambodian Blitz

Today I am heading toward one of The 21's.

It's the first time I am travelling to one of the monuments on this list (since I made it) and I think I have chosen the one I wanted to see most of all; Angkor Wat - a temple in Cambodia which happens to be the largest religious monument in the world.

The set up for this trip is a little different than usual; the time spent travelling (back and forth, not including my home <-> the airport) is about 47 hours. The time I will spend in Cambodia is 48 hours.
Sounds like I am crazy, you say? Well, you aren't the first to have that thought, me included.
But there are several reasons for making this journey so short, not wanting to be apart from my daughter for too long is the the main one.

Anyway... I left Gothenburg at about lunch time and flew to Heathrow. After 4½ hours at the terminals I went aboard the Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong.

It was a insomnia flight. For some  reason the decided to serve food to all at 3am (destination time) so that kept me up. Then there were a bunch of babies crying all flight long (why do parents keep insisting on bringing babies on long flights??? They don't like it!), And then there were this old woman who fainted right in front of my seat. And it was cold when they finally put out the lights.

All these problems aside, Cathay was very nice to fly with. OK personnel, good plane, good food (ice cream!) and a lot of things to listen and watch on the media central (more than 100 movies).

Might have gotten one hour sleep in total.  :-/
See ye tomorrow. In Asia.

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