Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 17th 2007

The Woman in New York
(Blast from the past-entry)

A bunch of years ago I was in New York and one of the things I did there was to visit the Statue of Liberty.

Since that is one of my 21s - and I am not sure I will ever be back there - I am making a post about it now (in 2018 - but I have moved the post back to 2007 when I visited the statue).

I took the boat out to Liberty island and (due to bad weather and off-season?) the queue to the statue itself was fairly short.

I went inside the status and got up a few flight of stairs (although the top floors were closed off) :(

Then I walked around the statue before taking the boat back to Manhattan.

All in all, a nice trip, but it was far from fantastic so I have no desire to do it again (unless I am there with someone who really wants to go there).