Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday January 19th 2018

The Tent
(aka Lots of money for a very small reward)

I was making yet another business trip to China and with some smart planning, I managed to get a transfer in Osaka for the same price as transfering elsewhere.

So time to check off another building on the 21-list!

Once I landed in Osaka, I went to my hotel (I had choosed the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport to save  time), checking in - and then straight out again.

I took a JR train from the airport to Kyoto, since it seemed easiest - which it was.
It took about 65 minutes and no tranfers. I highly recommend this route if you are going from Osaka airport.

Once in Kyoto (oh, the memories came back from when I was here the last time), I took bus 100 (206 will also work) about 15 minutes (cost: 230 Yen, pay when you get off the bus) to the bus stop Gojo-zaka. From here you easily walk to Kiyomizu-dera in 10 minutes.

The entrance to the temple looks pretty nice:

Inside looked ok, less than I expected, but when I came out on the other side I could really see the reparations I had read about that was ongoing.
And this side is the iconic view of the temple when you google it.

What I got...was a tent.

Very disappointing. :(
I am not sure I have ever before spent this much (hotel, train, bus, entrence etc) for this little.
But at least I got the satisfaction off checking something off my list. A very small consolation at this point.

I walked around the area for a few more minutes; checked out the "3 waterfalls", some other temples - and then when back to Osaka and my hotel.

Tomorrow I go back to work in China.