Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunday October 10th

Time to go home :(

Had two alarms to wake me up at 6am - but somehow I managed to go back to sleep and instead of my planned 1½ hour preparation for leaving, I got 20 minutes.
Luckily I started packing last night so I did make it to the bus to Narita Airport, but not by much.

I went home in a big Airbus 380 with Air France. Not sure I have travelled with them before, but I got a good impression of them - and the dinner was big and tasty. I would survive travelling with them again.

Transferred in Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport, where the French military had sealed off part of the terminal. Not sure what it was all about - maybe a bomb threat? Or a hint of terrorist attack?
In any case, I got out of there alive and was finally back in Gothenburg just as I finished reading Mona Lisa Overdrive. I got home about 23:00.
It's been a long day... And a long, nice holiday.

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