Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reflections of Japan

I have been home now a while and it's time to look back at my trip - the one I have been dreaming about for so long.

Was it all I ever hoped for? Yes, pretty much.

I got to see a lot of the old castles, temples and other buildings that I have only read about since I was young. But I also got to see the modern side of Japan which was a lot of fun.

I think I still have a lot more I could see, but what I saw this time was plenty and then some. It was 2½ weeks being busy every day.
And besides, I can always check out those things if I ever go back.

Highlights of my trip was...hmm... Osaka Castle, Nara and most definitely the Ghibli Museum.
Biggest disappointment? That I never got to see Mount Fuji from afar.

It was very interesting to see how big difference everything in Asia compared to Europe or the US. The whole culture was just so very not-like-home. People were much more polite to each other and they really had a sense of "this is not mine so I should not do anything with it", which was shown in how you felt really safe, even at night in the big cities. There were no graffiti on the walls, litter on the streets or busted vending machines.

Looking back at my hotels it was a big variety; from the sleeping coffins (which was fun to try!), old Japanese styled to very fancy hotels. Fun to have checked out different styles.

My bank account tells me the whole trip (flight, hotels, meals and other stuff) cost me about 35000 SEK. I have to say that it's actually a bit cheaper than I expected.

So that was the Japan trip.
Wonder where - and when - I will travel next time? Where ever I go, I will make sure to update this blogg to share my experiences.

Until then, Sayonara.

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