Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday September 11th

Vacation 2009 - Ireland!

Almost one year later - and it's time for another vacation. This time I picked another place high on my "I wanna go there!-list"; Ireland. And since it seems like a few people liked the blog I did last time, I figured I might as well do it this time as well.
It also gives me a nice photo & story album when I get old and forget things (this point in time has already been reached and passed a long time btw).

Anyhow, Ireland it is - but this vacation starts with a small detour: London to attend a friends wedding.

So this morning I got to the smaller of the airports we have in Gothenburg to take a flight to Stanstead. Starts with checking in my luggage - and I have 6 kilo overweight. It's not me packing a lot (well, maybe), it's mostly the airline company with small limits (15 kg). But since I can also have 10 kg in hand luggage - and I had basically none when I got there, it was a simple thing of just putting all the heavy stuff in my smaller trunk and it was ok. Question is what will happen on the way home - I am bound to buy something on my vacation...
Well, well - I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Uneventful flight (it is 9/11 which some say is the safest day to fly - I am not convinced yet) and a few hours later I am i London. Again. <3>

Quick check in at the hotel (Abcone) and off to walk around a bit in the town (visited Forbidden Planet and Camden).

After that, back to the hotel room (see below). Will probably go out and eat something in a pub later on - other than that I will just laze on my first day on this vacation. And believe me - I have deserved it.

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