Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunday September 20th

Time to do the tourist thing - and take a whole day tour with a bus!

My main goal with this tour was to get to the northern coast and see the Giant Causeway. All other things was a bonus really. I was hoping to get some sleep and/or reading on the bus (the whole trip took about 9 hours), but apart for the last hour back, the bus driver talked constantly. Maybe he kept quiet for 30 seconds once or twice but not more. Some stuff was interesting to hear, naturally - but not this much. He really liked to hear his own voice...
In any case, we got to the Giant Causeway, which is a weird formation created by nature. tens of thousand pillars in mostly hexagonal shape - and all of different lenght. Kinda.

Very interesting to see this.
Here are some pictures:

Then the trip continued - and look at that! Another Whiskey distillery. :)
This time it's Bushmill's:

I tasted the whiskey, but I am still no lover of it.
But it was free so of course I had to try.

Next stop of interest on the tour was the Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge.
It's basically a rope bridge between the main land and a small island.

And it's narrow. And high up.
And made of rope.

And high up.

More scarier to go over it than I thought actually.
From this place you could also see Scotland:

The island in the middle is Islay - with the Scotish mainland behind it.

After the rope bridge, back to Belfast.
I had something to eat, then back to the room to take it easy. Lots of walking today...

Tomorrow I plan to go see the rest of Belfast, before I leave for Dublin on Tuesday.

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