Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday September 17th

Bus to Kilkenny took about 3 hours. Going through the beautiful landscape I finished my book. As good as ever before.
When I arrived at Kilkenny I started to look for somewhere to stay the next two nights. I found this pub (Egan's) that rented out rooms and even had internet - so they said. Not that I can get it to work though, seems like I get too bad reception in my room. :(
But I will try some more later on.

Here is the pub...

and my room:

I went out and looked at the ciy of Kilkenny. That didn't take long since it isn't very large. You go through it in a matter of minutes.

During the afternoon I got to see the Kilkenny Castle:
...and a few churches; St Canices Cathedral:
Black Abbey:
and St Mary's Cathedral:
After this there isn't that much left to do...
Since I am planning on staying yet another day anyway, tomorrow will be a lazy day I think, might see if I can go to a brewery or something.
But some rest would be nice too. :)

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Julia said...

Vad du ska hitta på?
Dricka Kilkenny såklart! ;)