Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday September 12th

Me and two friends, Martin & Anette went for a walk in Hyde Park in the morning before returning to the hotel to get ready for the big day.

Today my friend Daniel, who has spent the last 8 years in London, will get married to his girlfriend Edna. It was real fun to be able to get over to London for this occation.

This is how good-looking I manage to dress up:

And some pictures of the other swedes that attended; Martin & Anette:

and Katarina & Mike with their Elrik:

.. and another one on me:

It was very interesting to attend a English wedding, some differences, like they are really more traditional and have seem to have more rules than in Sweden. There was also a lot more talks about God and much prayers and Bible reading than I am used to, but that could also be because the bride and her family is very religious.

Picture from the church (St Mary The Boltons):
And here are the newly-weds (and their parents)!

After the church thingie, we were off to the dinner (at Holiday Inn close by in Kensington). It was a very pleasant dinner with a little more speaches than "normal" - and the music was... interesting. They needed to accomondate people from Scandinavia, England and Africa - and mix in us guys with a weird electronic life style. But it was fun - and we did get a few good songs to listen to in the end.

At 1am they closed and I went to my hotel (just across the street from Holiday Inn) and wrote this.

Tomorrow I am off to Ireland!


Veerle en Mathijs Troch said...

Ooooh, ain't you handsome in that suit now, huh? ;)

Julia said...

Tjusigt! Härifrån ser den gråa näsduken ut att matcha fint, eller du kanske bytte ut den?

Ha så kul i Irland nu! Mkt öl lär det väl bli ;)

Halo said...

Julia: jag hann till stan på torsdagen och bytte den.
Lite öl har det blivit... och mer blir det!

Veerle: Thanks, sweetie. :)