Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday September 18th

Stayed in bed until 11am, then I went out to see the town again. I read yesterday that you could actually go up in the round tower at the St Canices Cathedral so I went there. Apparently the tower outdates the church several hundred years and was built by the vikings as a watchtower.
It is about 30 meters high and getting up there was a through several steep ladders:

But the view was great from up there:

Then I wanted to go to the brewery in Kilkenny (at St Francis Abbey brewery)

They didn't have a proper tour but what they had was you could go with to their pub, watch a DVD - and get a pint of their beer.
I did that - and charmed my way to get a pint of each of the beer they brew here; Kilkenny, Smithwick's and Budweiser (taste more than the american kind, but still pretty non-impressive). Looks like I can charm my way to more beer here - but nothing else... :-/

So getting from the tour - slightly drunk, but still the clock was only 4pm, I went to the pub downstairs from my room, where I get better reception (and where I publish these blogs) - and more of the good beer. :)

Going to eat something soon then back to my room. Tomorrow I will get up kinda early to get to Norhtern Ireland and Belfast.

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