Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thursday September 24th

Hard to get out of bed now, up too long playing YPP...

Missed breakfast (which isn't that good anyway) and got out of the B&B at noon. Took the bus to Phoenix Park and the Dublin Zoo:

The zoo reminded me alot of the Swedish zoo at BorĂ¥s, only a tad smaller
Here is a map over the different areas:

Some of the animals, like a Hippo:

Their savann, with giraffes and zebras:

One thing I about this zoo, that I haven't really seen much in others, is that they disguised the cages alot with bushes and trees, which made it more natural (and probably much less stressful for the animals with all the people watching).
This, of course, gives the visitors less space to watch the animals, but I liked the idea. Here is how it could look like (the Bongo's - also a name on an animal...):

After a day of animal watching it was time for food - and a Guinness.
You see, this is a special day; Guinness is celebrating their 250 year anniversery today - at 17:59.
The ads for it has been in every pub, tourist info place, stores and whatnot I've been into since I came here - and now the time is finally here.
So, one minute before six, I raised my glas and cheered to the man behind it all; Arthur Guinness!
I wasn't the only one celebrating; this is how Temple Bar looked like:

- and all were drinking Guinness and singing Happy Birthday! :)

If I manage to get out of bed tomorrow, I plan to visit the Guinness brewery and some other things in that area.

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