Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday September 27th

Didn't have anything planned to day so I figured; lets go to the tourist information, ask for a suggestion what to do - and then do that, whatever it was. Turns out, they were closed on Sundays...
I looked around, saw a "hop on / hop off" Tour bus - hmmm, maybe that? Looked at the list of sights they were going to and realized I had seen pretty much all of that already.

So instead I walked up, down and around O'Connell Street (one of the larger and more busier streets here). After a while I went in to a café and had something to eat while reading
my book.

When I felt I had enough I went back to my room and spent some hours relaxing, gaming and more reading.
Later on it was time for dinner so I went to Flanagans for food. Nice resturant, good food.

That's it here in Ireland. Tomorrow morning I am going back home to Sweden.

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