Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday September 19th

Bus to Dublin on which I slept most of the 2½ hour ride, then directly on to my next bus that would take me further.
3 hours later I am in Northern Ireland - and the city of Belfast.

I started to read my new book on the bus here, Ian Mcdonald's "River of Gods" - someone wrote that this is the best Cyberpunk book from the 00's and since he had the same favourite books from the 80's ("Neuromancer") and the 90's ("Snow Crash"), I am looking forward to this one. :)
I got a room at a B&B called Helga Lodge, which is in the southern part of the city.

A very small room with bathroom & shower in the hallway, but that's really no problem.

Bigger problem is that I can't get their network to function. I'll work on that...

I went out on a stroll in the city during the evening. They seem to have a London complex here - and they even have a mini London Eye, called the Wheel of Belfast:

I went up on it and got some pictures of the town from above.

Something interesting I notice here is that there are a lot of young alternative people. More than I have seen even in London. Like a punk-era revival. Maybe because of high unemplyment? I have no clue if I am correct about that part though.
Maybe they just have a lot of artsy univercities in Belfast...

Anyway, back to the B&B to take it easy. Will take a tour to the Giant Causeway tomorrow.

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