Friday, September 25, 2009

Monday September 14th

Up early and get to the bus station (taxi this time); where I found out the there were only 3 busses / day to Doolin, the place I was heading. And of course next wasn't departing for another 1½ hour. With proper internet connection, this I would have found out yesterday.
And btw; only three departures per day?! Meh!

Luckely I had brought a book (finished the Ms Moneypenny triologi yesterday so am now about to re-read Orwell's classic '1984') so I passed the time easily.

Clare landscape:

The buss took about another hour and a half and got me to the pier of Doolin. There I entered the ferry and got to the first of the Aran islands; Inisheer - unfortunally I didn't have time to visit the other two Aran islands.
Inisheer is a small island with about 300 citizens.

There were some ruins and plenty of stone walls.

Like everywhere.

No, seriously, everywhere:

Then the ferry took us beneath the Cliffs of Moher. These cliffs rise about 215 meters above the Atlantic ocean (and about 50 meters under).

A real impressive view!

After we had ported, I wanted to see the Cliffs again, but this time from land so I had to take a taxi (10+5 Euros) to get there.

Again; an amazing view!
The weather today was really perfect; sunny and not too windy (apperently they had had rain the whole summer and it just got better a few days ago - just like back in Sweden).
But I can't stop and wonder; the sight of the Cliffs is really great, but it shouldn't surprise me if it would have been better with some worse weather; seeing the crabby sea, maybe a little rain and watch how the big Atlanic waves are pounding away at the cliffs, breaking them down, little by little...
Back on the buss (last one for today; leaving the Cliffs of Moher at 6:10 pm) and about an hour later back at Ennis. There I came back right in the middle of the celebraition of the Hurling champions on the Ennis city square. I stood and watched for a bit, then headed for the pub to get something to eat. I also drank a Guinness, just to see if it was better on the island than off it - and maybe, slightly. I do believe however that this was my last Guinness before I will try it again in the Guinness brewery in Dublin.

After the dinner I decided to walk back to the B&B. Still took me around 50 mins...

Looked in the mirror when I got back. You can really tell I've been out all day - I am really sunburned. :-/

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