Monday, September 14, 2009

Friday September 25th

Out to the suburbian Dublin today as well, when I took the bus to the old prison, Kilmainham Gaol:

It has been a prison for a few hundred years and was also the place for a lot of executions.

After that dark and gloomy place, I went next door to something completely different; the Irish Museum of Modern Art.
I was a little disappointed by it - less exibitions than I expected and nothing that really make me go "Hmm..." - although they had some that maybe go "Why?" and "WTF?".
Tate Modern in London is much better, but perhaps I shouldn't compare the two.
At least the entrance was free. :)

Then walking towards the city centre again to arrive at the Guinness Brewery.

I went in to their Guinness Storehouse and was really impressed with what they have built in there. A self-guiding tour of how to make Guinness, all around it and Guinness in general. And on the top floor they had built a bar from which you could look out over Dublin.

Here are some pictures towards the centre of the town:

After a pint of Guinness there wasn't much to do so I got something to eat on the way home.
Not too much left on my Dublin list now. We'll see what I will do tomorrow...

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