Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday October 6th

Moved from my small Capsule hotel to (another) high-end hotel, the Dai-ichi Annex Hotel in Ginza.

Smart move by me to make sure my last stay is a nice hotel - and for four night.
Because it will be very nice to stay at the same place this long and no more carrying heavy bags around. And they are heavy; I am not sure how to manage the maximum luggage weight. I was only 2 kg from the 20 kg limit on my way to Japan...

But lets worry about this on Sunday! :D

The view from my hotel room:

Didn't do much after I settled in. Went and bought a ticket to a Kabuki show for tomorrow afternoon and had dinner (The Yebisu Black was good, but the Half & Half I had in Kyoto was still better).

Another Japan reflection; I have yet to see a place that sells sunglasses (and I have looked). Strange.
Maybe the Japanese don't want to hide their eyes? I don't see many (if anyone) wearing sunglasses here.

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