Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Thursday February 28th 2019

Meddling in the Middle East

I have been looking forward to this trip for a while now. To finally see the last of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

My initial plan was to fly to Amman, capital of Jordan and take a bus or rent a car down to Petra. But when it became clear that I would do this trip with my dear friend Henrik, he suggested to fly in via Israel and see Jerusalem. I did not hesitate long before I agreed to this plan.
I am always in the mood to add one more country to the "Been there!"-list.

So came the day it was time. I flew from Gothenburg via Stockholm, where I was reunited with Henrik. Then a direct flight to Tel Aviv.

We took a train to Jerusalem and a taxi the last stretch to the Hotel (Prima Kings Hotel); where we stayed in room 218.
Not the fanciest of hotels I have stayed in and was not worth the fairly large price.
But none the less; we were there.

After we removed some of the travel dust, we walked around in the rain to find somewhere to get some food.
We eventually found a nice restaurant where we both had some kebab.

Then back to the hotel for some sleep. Tomorrow we plan to explore Jerusalem.

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Henke said...

It was, as always, very nice to travel with you Patrik.

I was extremely satisfied with the choice to visit both Israel and Petra. I never been to Israel and it was high on my list. Perfect to be able to do both on the same trip.

The hotel was a major dissapointment. It was expensive, and failed to live up to expectations in almost every area. To begin with they didn't give us a room with two separate beds (as requested). It took them for ever to come up and re-configure the room. It was clearly not supposed to be done like that, the reading lights were our of reach etc. They stated that all rooms were the same. Very strange. The hotel get 2/5.