Sunday, January 05, 2020

Thursday November 7th 2019

Next day I ate breakfast at a place I had found researching Warsaw; the E. Wedel's chocolate shop and cafe.

A really nice place where they had a lot of chocolate drinks (both hot and warm). Plus regular chocolate candy from their factory!

I also looked at the Old Town - obviously (since I lived there).

There is an old observation tower close by... naturally I went up there. :)

I continued my walk throughout Warsaw and came to the statue of the famous astronomer Copernicus
The square was pretty cool with the solar system in the ground,
Thank you, Copernicus for correcting the old view of the solar system!

When in Warsaw it's hard not to come upon the highest building in the city; the Palace of Culture and Science.
A big place (not just tall) with plenty of theatres and museums.

You could go up to the top here as well. And of course I did.

Then I wanted to visit an interesting museum, the Warsaw Gasworks Museum.
It didn't look too far on the map so I decided to walk there. It took about an hour, double the time I had foolishly calculated.
And there was not much interesting to see on the way there either.

And once I got there I found...nothing. Not a trace of the building - only brand new apartment houses.

Not sure what has happened. Maybe it had been torn down?
While standing confused, I found an old comment on the internet, stating that the museum was "closed until Spring". So who knows what happened?

Disappointed I turned back. I ate at a almost-nearby Milk bar - because of A Clockwork Orange.
More for the fun of it, but the food wasn't bad in anyway.

After this I went to the Copernicus Science Centre.
I had expected more of a museum, but there were mostly experiments you could do. More focused on kids and teenagers, I suspect, but I managed to have some fun as well.

However I did not stay too long and instead went back to my hotel.

Dinner today was Fish (wrapped in a pancake!) and chips.

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