Monday, January 06, 2020

Wednesday November 6th 2019

Warsaw Ghetto

I wanted to see Sarah Brightman on her latest world tour Hymn and when she finally came to Europe, I decided to go.
I combined the concert with visiting a city (and country) I have not yet been in; Warsaw, Poland.

I came to Warsaw Wednesday afternoon, just a few hours before the concert - so I took a taxi to the Old Town and found (with some problems) my apartment hotel (Stone Steps Apartments).
I realized quickly that they had no reception or lobby - so I had to call them to get instructions on how to find my room - and the key.
I highly recommend this place (great room, nice people at the other end of the phone and a perfect location next to the old town square), but I suggest you contact them before you stand outside, getting nervous if I would be able to find the place - and in my case - make it to the concert. :D

Anyhow; I got in - and later went (with another taxi) to Torwar Hall, where the concert was held.

The concert was great (of course), but the sounds was sometimes really bad. Not sure if Sarah's voice is aging - or could it be that when the architects in old communist Poland created this sports arena, they did not think so much about acoustics..?

Anyhow, back to the hotel after the concert.
Next day would be my only full day in Warzaw - stuffed with interesting things to see and do (I hope!).

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