Friday, October 01, 2010

Sunday October 3rd

Unfortunate my last hotel didn't have internet access which is why the last days haven't been posted. Until now.

So finally my Tour de Japan is over, time to head back to Tokyo.

Finished reading Neuromancer on the train and will start on Count Zero tonight.

Back in Tokyo, I got frustrated. Especially when I got to the station close to my hotel, Shinjuku. This must be the worst planned station ever built. Impossible to find your way (in or out) to the place.

And if that was not enough, I had real problems finding my new hotel, the Shinjuku Kuyakushomae Capsule Hotel.
Yes, that is correct, Patrik is sleeping in a capsule (aka coffin) tonight. And just because one night doesn't test your limits, I will stay here three night (unless I get fed up of the place and leave before that, we'll see).

So here's the deal in a (this) Capsule hotel:
You put your shoes in a box and give the key to the reception and you will get another key. This will unlock a larger cupboard. There you can place a bag, but of course not your big luggage, no. This you have to place behind the reception. And ask them to give you access when you need something.

Then you stay in this coffin-like capsule (mine was #7018):
No door, no lock. Nice.
Three nights in here... >.>

Anyway. Still a bit frustrated so I go out and do something to cheer me up, I go to the only place I know in Tokyo where Bond has been seen, The "Osato Chemicals" building (in "You only live twice"). In real life it's a hotel, The New Otani:

And to top that off with good feelings, I ate a pizza with all meat on it I could find in the menu. And walked through the red light district.

Well that last part wasn't planned. Apperently I live right in the middle of it. I didn't notice that during the daytime.
I guess I need to be a little on my guard when I get home at nights. But Japan is the safest place I have ever been, I think. Crime is very rare here.

Todays thought about Japan:
It's very clean here on the streets and sideways. But still there is very hard to find waste baskets. I wonder what the Japanese do with their garbage? Eat it? Wait until they get home and throw it away?

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