Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday October 17th - part II & Saturday October 18th

Friday October 17th - part II

I met up with Jennifer and her friends and we had dinner (and beer) at some resturant

after that we went to see the play Fahrenheit 541 at Fremont Centre Theater. It was a very small theater, but nice.

The play - and the actors was very good.
It was fun to do something like this. Even though many tourists go to theaters when in LA, not many go to the small ones.

After the play we all kind of broke up and everyone headed home.
The plan was to go out with Jennifer and her room mates, but she didn't feel up for it so I went out alone instead.
I wanted to go to this electronic club that plays the kind of music I like; Das Bunker, so I went there.

I left when they closed (about 3am) and tried to get home.
I can not understand that it should be so hard to get a taxi in a city that is made for cars.
It took me about 1½ hours to get one. The time was past 5am when I finally got home.

Saturday October 18th
Today is a day for rest and taking it slow.
I read a bit in my book - and played my pirate game.
Got a pizza for breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever.

Maybe I'll hit the movies tonight. Not sure yet.

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