Friday, October 17, 2008

Tuesday October 14th

Today I really took a day off everything.

I stayed in the hotel the whole day (only went out to get breakfast) reading my book and playing my pirate game.

In the evening I went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Their menues have ads in them on every other page. Never seen that before. It's a bit weird and mildly disturbing.
I had a "Crispy Spicy Beef", which was fried beef & rice. It was delicious. :)

After my meal I went to the movies. There were a few pictures I wanted to see, but hadn't made up my mind when I got there. However of the movies on my list, only one would start right away (the others would start one hour later), so that made my decision.
The movie was Eagle Eye. It was pretty ok, but I don't like it when the director tries to hide his incompetence by editing the chase scenes so you can't make out what actually happens.

After that, back to the hotel to start preparing for my trip to San Diego tomorrow.

Oh, and Jennifer (Erfan from last night) told me that I should not go to Tijuana. She said that city is nowdays filled with criminals and other bad people, so the chance of being mugged (or worse; kidnapped) was very high. So I am not really sure what to do. If I should go anyway - or try another, better, Mexican city (Tijuana is apperently the worst of the Mexican cities along the border).

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