Friday, October 03, 2008

Californian Encounter - summery

A few weeks has gone now by since I got home - and this is a summery post on what was best - and what was worst. What I miss - and not miss.

What was the most fun things I did?
So many things, how to list them? Exciting new things to see every day, but on the top of the list I have to put Universal Studios, Blue Man Group, SeaWorld and the whole out-of-this-world-city of Las Vegas. And finally meeting Jennifer wasn't bad either.
But I think just the overall vacation - fulfilling one of my long time dreams; visiting western US - will be the memory of a life time. And probably the most expensive vacation I will ever have...

I have done some calculations on this vacation since I got back, and even if it wasn't as expensive as I feared during the trip home, I still went way over my initial budget.
The total sum of this vacation (flights, hotels, car, food, entertainment and so on) was about 61 000 SEK (8150 dollars). Even if I had some of that in savings to fund this trip, it will take some time for my wallet to recuperate. But it was worth it. :D

The worst part?
The car rental - first I had to pay way too much for the car - then I go and loose the key...
But I made it home safe and sound. Always counts for something.

So what will I miss from US?
Not mentioning living in hotel rooms for several weeks, I will miss this:
* Free refills in resturants. Why can't we have this in Europe? It is the best invention since the... I don't know - but something very very good!
* The friendliness in stores and resturants. I am not saying people aren't friendly in Sweden. Absolutly not. But they really do assist you more in the stores in US. Also in the resturants, but I guess that is because they are more dependant on tips than here.
* They sure know how to mix a Rum & Coke. I had this drink at several places and they all had one thing in common; it was so much rum I actually had to wait for the ice to melt a little to be able to drink it. Now that's what I call good mixing! :)

For the negative things... I can't really come up with anything right now except for one thing that annoys me; They always write the wrong price on things in the stores.
I mean, we all know we have to add the tax, so why not just include it on the pricetag? It sucks that you don't know the exact price until you get to the counter. Sure you know in which region the price will end up, but not the exact price, making it hard to have exact change when you buy stuff. And then you either need to prolong the purchase with calculating all the stupid coins - or go home with more coins than you entered the store with. Annoying!

Another interesting cultural difference I saw while being over there was that on the bus, when a better seat opened up, there was always someone changing seat grabbing it. Interesting; this happens sometimes in Sweden, but not very often. In LA, that happened all the time.

That's a wrap for this trip. Thank you all who took the time reading the posts I made! :)

And as a final note; no need to check this page for updates since I rarely make any posts in this blog. Although, who knows... maybe next vacation?

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